MissMe is a short documentary on the ways and means of the street artist who goes by the same name. The artist is one with a motto. Shot by Mohammad Gorjestani, the film is quick-paced and follows MissMe as she tells her story and shows her work; never once revealing her identity. 

MissMe - BookMyShow

She is the female Banksy with her own personality and passion. A covert Mickey mask conceals the identity of this former advertising professional who is opposed to the objectification of women in the advertising world. A strong passion that blends art with reason, the artistic sensibilities of the director do justice to this documentary’s subject. The film has a certain vibe to it that inspires and incites. 

Just four minutes long, the documentary has a vibrant look much like MissMe’s artwork. It is one of the many films that made its way to SXSW Film Festival, and you’ll know why once you watch it. 

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