Get ready to go back in time and enter the world that existed many years ago, before the British Raj, before the Mughals, even before Christ. Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjo Daro takes you to the era of the Indus Valley civilization, in an epic adventure-romance, set in the glorious city of the same name. The first trailer of the movie released last night and needless to say, this Hrithik-starrer has been breaking the Internet. The trailer will remind you of another Ashutosh-Hrithik film, Jodhaa Akbar, but Mohenjo Daro certainly looks a lot more impressive and gives you much more to look out for.So, what have we learnt from the trailer?

Firstly, Mohenjo Daro is going to be nothing short of a blockbuster and simply cannot be missed. The setting of this film gives us the epic feel of the prehistoric civilization, which we can’t wait to watch on the big screen!

Secondly, the cast. Kabir Bedi is in the movie! He plays the tyrant Maham, who rules over Mohenjo Daro. His daughter Chaani is played by Pooja Hegde, the lead actress of the film. From what the trailer shows, the Mugamoodi actress does not do much in the film other than look pretty and attract the attention of Sarman (Hrithik Roshan). Sarman and Chaani’s love story feels intense and passionate, a worthy treat in the otherwise action-laden movie. 

Thirdly, the action sequences! If you were awed by Hrithik fighting the elephant in Jodhaa Akbar, you have a lot more coming in Mohenjo Daro. Here, he not only has a gladiator-style fight with two mighty giants, but almost escapes the mouth of a crocodile. Just wait for it! 

With all this mega-action, we simply cannot wait for August 12, 2016, when the movie is set to release. Until then, we are going to satisfy ourselves with the trailer: