The Malayalee audience is fortunate to have witnessed terrific performances on screen and it is quite interesting to know that this is not just confined to the mainstream actors. Our artists are well seasoned to give their best, no matter how big or small the character is. When our stars shine on the screen, the supporting actors also give them a tough competition with nuanced performances while adding to the film’s integrity. Take a look our list of our favorite Mollywood character actors.


Thilakan is one of the best actors Malayalam Cinema has ever seen, but he, unfortunately, did not get the recognition he deserved. Though the actor was sidelined and later totally ignored for whatever reason, he still gave us a bunch of amazing, memorable films and roles to cherish. Serial characters or humorous ones, everything was safe in Thilakan’s hands. Be it Perunthachan, Gamanam, Kireedam or Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu, he gave exceptional performances that would stay with us for a lifetime.


Of all the women who have appeared in Malayalam Cinema, Sukumari clearly is the most versatile. Her acting prowess has been displayed in various films including Chattakkari and Mizhikal Sakshi which also gave her many accolades. Her forte was the comedy genre and she carried her roles in style. Remember Maggie Aunty from Vandanam? That’s the trip we are talking about. And she can easily switch from that to the role of a loving mother, without making it look artificial. We truly miss this amazing actor.

KPAC Lalitha

KPAC Lalitha is yet another actress who delivered classic act in all her films. She usually stuck to homely roles, but left her signature in each character, without making them look identical. She was quite savage too and made us laugh sometimes, cry with her other times. Her performances in Amaram and Shantham were highly praised; we equally loved her in Malootty (the heartless mother in law) and Aadyathe Kanmani (the fiercely adamant mother) as well. She made Mathilukal memorable with just her voice and we totally love her stint in Malayalam cinema even today.

Oduvil Unnikrishnan

The actor was famous for his comic timing, quick wit and sarcasm. He easily complemented the actors he worked with, and was quite a performer. We remember him for his brilliant performances in movies such as Kadhapurushan, Nizhalkuthu, Sandesham and Thooval Kottaram. When he portrayed a helpless old man, we empathised with him and laughed along when he did comic antics. He deserved much more accolades in our opinion.

Nedumudi Venu

Nedumudi Venu is a seasoned actor who displayed emotions with much conviction and ease. From portraying the protagonist to a very cunning villain, he has tried them all and we totally love the way he performs. His talent has no bounds and he gave the vibes of a neighbourhood lad/uncle every time he came on screen. His performances in films like His Highness Abdullah, Bharatham, Chamaram and Thakara are extraordinary. We are lucky to have witnessed this great actor’s acting prowess.


Siddique who used to deliver terrific comedies alongside actors like Mukesh and Jagadeesh shifted his focus to playing the villain and now has been doing some extremely powerful roles. Regardless of the genre, he makes sure that his performance stands out. Even in a movie like Ann Maria Kalippilanu where all we get to see is a few minutes of this actor, he ensures that it remains memorable. He is clearly one of the most sophisticated actors of our times and we look forward to watching him create more magic on screen.