With a runtime of just two minutes, Karis Oh‘s senior thesis short, The Moment captures emotions beautifully. The visual artist’s work speaks volumes not only because the visuals are splendid and captivating, but because she has excelled at story-telling. 

The short film starts with street noises, and the sound of a pencil working against the coarse texture of paper. A street artist is sketching when a stranger startles her with, "I like the sound of your sketching". He asks her to sketch him. As she does, his eyes keenly watch her and her pencil, stroke by stroke. She turns nervous under his gaze, but continues to sketch. The story flows like a seamless stream.  
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The Moment captures the essence of simple and strong emotions with a regular street instance. It shows you what imagination and wonder can add to the world. It gives you a moment to realize how truly important it is to feel things. There is a calmness in the film that touches you, and makes you feel the short film, not just see it. 

The Moment relies on your wonder and your ability to feel. It took Karis Oh almost two years to complete this short film. And when you watch it, you will relish the artwork as much as the potent softness of the story. 

It is a short film that will beguile all your senses. Watch it here.