Verdict: Two octogenarians deliver the best thriller of the year.

Ridley Scott is probably one of those people who would never say, "I am too old to make movies". The 80-year-old director probably delivered one of the best thrillers this January and is already on his next project. All The Money In The World is based on the abduction of John Paul Getty III in 1973. The pioneer of sci-fi is known to deliver larger-than-life movies and even in a thriller about an abduction, you can see the grandeur that is associated with a Ridley Scott movie. Amidst some controversy, the movie finally released on its original release date and has certainly left us impressed.

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What's All The Money In The World About:

J. Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer) is the richest man in history in the year 1973. He finds ways to extract oil and bring it back home. This leads him to create an empire that would continue expanding. But all the money in the world is not enough for him. He is reluctant to spend even a penny, choosing to launder his own clothes and instead invested in works of art. His grandson Paul (Charlie Plummer) is on the streets of Rome when he is abducted by a group of kidnappers. They then ask for a ransom of 17 million dollars. Paul's mother Gail Harris (Michelle Williams) who had refused to accept a single penny in alimony goes to her former father-in-law for help in rescuing her son. Instead of handing her the ransom money, J. Paul Getty sends his ace negotiator Fletcher Chase (Mark Wahlberg) with instructions to make sure not a single penny is spent.

What Works:

Ridley Scott's return to Rome of another era after Gladiator makes us look at the city in a new light. Romes architectural beauty plays a huge role in adding to the grandeur of the story. Christopher Plummer, a last-minute replacement, makes us think that he should have been a part of it, to begin with. Michelle Williams shines as Paul's mother who stays strong even when tragedy is reigning over her family. Mark Wahlberg acts as the perfect foil between Mr. Getty and Miss Gail as he acts as the go-between the two. Even the story progression between flashbacks and 1973 have been perfectly executed.

What Could Have Been Better:

When you think about a thriller, you expect something very fast-paced. The movie, though a little slow-paced, keeps you intrigued at all times. And although it might not have been politically correct, the mixing of Italian and English may sometimes be confusing.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Ridley Scott still hasn't lost his touch and all the money in the world will not stop this guy from making more excellent movies. Christopher Plummer owns the movie as J. Paul Getty and you would want to watch this movie just to see him as the richest man in history (and he just took nine days to shoot his scenes). The ensemble has put on a fantastic performance and the beauty of Rome shines through the movie.