Verdict: The adorable monsters are the scene stealers.

Raman Hui’s Monster Hunt was a record-breaking box office hit in China in 2015. Even if you’re not familiar with the first film, Monster Hunt 2 is a delight no matter what age group you may fall in. Full of cute blob-like monsters and ridiculous situations, it is proof that Chinese film industry has a lot to offer.

What’s Monster Hunt 2 About: 

Picking up after the events of the first film, Monster Hunt 2 continues as Wuba is separated from his human parents Tianyin and Xiaolan. The two regret sending Wuba to the monster realm. There are also rumors of a legend that a baby monster matching the description of Wuba will pave way for humans and monsters to co-exist. As Tianyin (Boran Jing) and Xiaolan (Baihe Bai) search for Wuba, Wuba is on his own adventure as he meets the gambler Tu (Tony Chiu Wai Leung), who cons his way to winning with the help of monsters, including his companion Ben-Ben. 

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What Works: 

Monsters are certainly the draw for Monster Hunt 2. Whenever there’s one of the cute blobs on screen, you know there’s going to be some hijinks. Our central monsters are friendly, and the tiny Wuba most of all. The monster realm, too, is gorgeously constructed and full of color. 

The main actors also manage to hold their own as they share screen space with the CGI monsters. They exaggerate some cartoonish features as well so their actions fit right into the cheerful mood of the film. Even the minor characters such as Tu’s money lender, Zhu (Yunchun Li), have colorful personalities with peculiar character quirks that makes them enjoyable to watch.

Humor also features strongly in the film. You don’t need to know the Chinese culture to get the jokes in the film. Ranging from slapstick humor to silly situations that the characters find themselves in (Tu, at one point, dresses in a tiger costume and unwittingly becomes a part of a magic show), you will find yourself laughing at many points in the film. 

What Could Have Been Better: 

Being a sequel and having the double or everything, there are times when there’s too much going on. But even when the plot might be moving at a fast pace, you can sit back and enjoy the stunning scenes. 

Why You Should Watch: 

Foreign films are not often released in India and Monster Hunt 2 is good to introduce your children to diversity that exists beyond the usual American films. Most of all, Monster Hunt 2 is a film that will entertain you from the first scene, which is a Bollywood-style dance number, to when it ends with a blooper reel that shows the monsters and the actors messing up.