The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones is a bad film, a flawed a film and a film that’s beyond logic. The film takes the overly played plot of angels and demons, good vs. bad and delivers a disaster of a movie.

Lily Collins stars as Clary, a 16 year old who discovers that her mother (Lena Headey) is a Shadowhunter. At the same time she also realizes that she can see an invisible world, where Shadow Hunters, demons, werewolves and warlocks together operate, invisible to humans, or ‘mundanes’.
MI gives you glimpses of cheap imitations of classics like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. As the film progresses one feels extremely grateful to Harald Zwart, the director of film, for not having made it a 3D film.
The only thing that really that’ll catch your attention is that the three significant characters of the film-Clary(Lily Collins), Jocelyn(Lena Headey) and Robert Sheehan(Simon) sport thick eyebrows (which I believe was just a co-incidence).
There’s a particular scene in the film where Clary and Jace are led into a dungeon by grim-reaper look-alikes. The ‘Bhoot Bungla’ in Essel world World, looked far more scarier than this dungeon.
The second half seemed promising, but just when you start taking the film seriously you realize you’ve been tricked. Drama is overdone as they show young love blooming between two Shadow Hunters-Clary and Jace. The awfully cliched dialogue of `you know I told you I’d never seen an angel?` between them makes it only worse.
The last few scenes are like a mockery of the film itself.

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