The weekend is here. Wait. Almost! While, some cannot wait to enjoy a stay-at-home and snuggle-up-in-bed time and some would love to, we repeat, LOVE to go out and have a ball. Even if it means busting out some dance moves at a club amidst a bunch of strangers (who might just become new friends). We already know of things we should not do at a club like taking pictures (because a stabbing light in a dark room hurts the eyes) and standing on the banquette (because we are NOT Paris Hilton).

Now, let us take a look at some dance moves you probably should not try on the dance floor:

Main Teri Dushman
Because you do not want dushmans by the end of it!

Main Teri Dushman - BookMyShow

Saawariya Re O Saawariya
Dekh bhidu, only Jaggu Dada can pull this off.
Saawariya Re O Saawariya - BookMyShow

Tu Cheez Badi Hain Mast Mast
Yes, we all want toned arms. But, this ain’t aerobics class.
Tu Cheez Badi Hain Mast Mast - BookMyShow

Jaati Hu Main
A jhatka after you’ve buried your head in a jacket. Not a visual anyone would like to see.
Jaati Hu Main - BookMyShow

Ruk Ruk Ruk
Bacause there are better ways of getting your darling to give you a look.
Ruk Ruk Ruk - BookMyShow