Movie Mind Machine by Maureen Bharoocha is a high concept comedy short film. The film that is 12-minute-long uses the concept of erasing memory but presents it in a comical manner. 

Movie Mind

Two friends have come up with a way to keep their love for watching films as novel as possible. The duo, a hard-core movie buff Ron and a graduate student Matt, team up with a great idea to keep the experience of watching movies new every time. Matt creates a machine that can erase memory. Interestingly, it can erase only the visual memories of a movie or a painting. So each time the pair wants to watch their favorite movie and want it to be a fresh experience, all they need to do is use the machine.  

Movie Mind Machine is just one of Maureen Bharoocha's splendid works. The young filmmaker is already on her road to success in Hollywood having done some amazing work for Comedy Central, College Humor, and Upright Citizens Brigade. Her latest short film, Hairpin Bender is another interesting work. 

Movie Mind Machine uses subtle, smart humor to present a fresh concept and uses our love for nostalgia and movies. Comedians Ron Funches and Matt Braunger do a great job. Their characters succeed in bringing to us their eccentricities and obsessiveness, which makes the film very entertaining. 

Watch Movie Mind Machine and tell us what you think.