Review: Two FBI agents have been assigned the task to eliminate a drug racket from the city. Sounds familiar, we have seen stories lke this a zillion times which are often told in the same way each time. Fine, for the sake of regular entertainment we accept that, provided that it is able to entertain in the name of movies but this latest 20th Century Fox offering falls flat on that front also. A cliche movie made in a cliche style not able to entertain in cliche style.

 Sandra Bullock is an FBI agent (Sarah Ashburn) who is given the task of dealing with the increasing drug rackets in the city. To hunt down the mastermind behind ruthless drug racket, she has to coordinate with another police officer (Detective Shannon Mullins) who is a local in the city hence knows the whereabouts which automatically makes her crucial for the mission. This is the simple one-line plot of the movie with the usual context of ‘mayhem in their personal life’ to give it a more emotional appeal. The problem with The Heat is that the movie is built upon a cosmetic fashion. The natural flow of the script is missing and it seems that the director has taken the separate set pieces and tried to make a coherent movie. Coherent it is, but in an uninteresting fashion. Although it can’t be denied that the script has some life in it and is written with a certain sense of fun. But the direction of the movie is simply not upto the mark and the quirky humor of the script suffers due to this. The integrated approach of the sincere but fun-loving chracters of both female FBI officers could have been written in a more enhanced approach (a certain believability in them would have helped the movie for better). But it is done in an outrightly plain fashion often with only a few laughs in between. When it comes to thrill, it lacks completely in that department and we never feel the high adrenaline danger of dealing with a drug lord which in case proves the point that the humor doesn’t seem genuine and propelling enough to take the movie forward in an interesting manner, rooted in comic base.
However, the best part of the movie is the acting by Melissa McCarthy (as Detective Shannon Mullins). Her character has a certain grit and heart both and that it is translated on screen. Her acting is honest and her histrionics do capture the audience on screen. Other than that, an uninteresting movie made in average Hollywood style.

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