There was a time when Bollywood only made romantic movies. Action movies would have romance, comedies had it, even horror movies revolved around a love story. Slowly, the audience began to watch a movie not just for entertainment but also for awareness and education. Though Bollywood still makes very few intelligent movies, the trend is encouraging. Films aim to portray reality, and thanks to censorship, they gain even more popularity among the audience. Such films are on the rise and filmmakers are eager to jump on the intellectual bandwagon. If they’re lucky, they might even grab a National Award or an international film festival selection. The upcoming drama comedy, Hindi Medium, seems to be one such film, and here’s why you must watch it:

The film focusses on the education system in India.

The education system in India is not perfect. There is more focus on studying than learning and very few efforts are taken to promote the skills of the student. Hindi Medium portrays all of that and more, with regards to the international schools that are taking over educational space right now. Parents rush to enroll their kids into these fancy schools, paying no regards to their methods of teaching or the pressure they put on the students.

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It talks about Hindi as the language of the poor.

It’s all about English now. If you speak it fluently, you’re considered upper crust. Hindi is now considered the language of the lower masses by many. This is why parents are eager to give their kids the kind of education they couldn’t get – in an English medium school. Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar play parents to a young girl, who is forced to study in a language she does not speak at home, or otherwise. Even outside of school, she is made to talk only in English.

The movie explores the parent-child relationship.

Indian kids have a unique relationship with their parents. The last time a movie veered into this dynamic, it was a blockbuster. We’re talking, of course, of Taare Zameen Par, which had a similar premise to Hindi Medium. While the little girl in this film does not seem to have any kind of learning disability, it is certain that she is under immense pressure from her parents and the educational system, which stresses on academic performance.

It shows the crazier side of Indian parents.

Parents will do anything to give their kids the best of what they can get. And Indian parents kick it up a notch higher. We share a unique relationship with our parents. They love us, but they show it in unusual ways. In Hindi Medium, both Saba and Irrfan leave no stone unturned in getting their child enrolled into a fancy school. They go from pleading the administrator to pretending to be very poor so as to gain the reservation quota.  

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It is Saba Qamar’s debut film.

It is hard to get noticed when you’re in a film with Irrfan Khan. The actor always gets your attention with his witty remarks and sarcastic demeanor. But Saba Qamar, the Pakistani actress, who makes her Bollywood debut with Hindi Medium, was the focus in the trailer of the film. It is evident that Qamar is a gifted actress. She is a natural at portraying her character,and we are looking forward to seeing her in the movie.

Watch this film as it releases this Friday in the theatres. Check this space for the Hindi Medium review.