Most of us go about living our lives in a very mundane, monotonous manner. Movies, I believe, add a lot of meaning to our otherwise dull lives, provided we pay heed to the message in the movie. Here are some movies that will definitely have a deep impact on you if you think about them. You might have a revelation, a deep introspection or even become cynical and probably would want to change things about your lives post watching these movies.

Ship Of Theseus: The “Ship Of Theseus” paradox raises the question – Will an object that has had all its parts replaced remain, fundamentally, the same object? The same paradox pertains to our lives too. Imagine changing one aspect of our life that will impact us in a big way. Could be good or bad. One of the stories in the movie involves a highly talented “blind” photographer who has her eyesight restored. This drastically changes her photography skills. In the same way, imagine taking one important aspect of your life and changing it around. What do you suppose will happen?

What we learn: Not everything we change for the better is good and not everything that changes for the bad will harm us.

The Pursuit Of Happyness: Ever had someone tell you that you cannot achieve your “crazy ambitions”? Ever felt that your dream is too distant and is almost impossible to achieve? Well, this is a movie that you can watch a thousand times over and yet feel inspired. Going about a routine on a daily, like you’re stuck in a rut is frustrating. We all have dreams, ambitions, aspirations. Question is, what are we doing about it? Watch this flick. Get inspired. Go live your dream.

What we learn: With the right conviction and dedication you can achieve your dream. Go get it. Let no one tell you otherwise. Period!

Amores Perros: Love is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Well, this movie will make you feel otherwise. The literal translation of the title is – Love’s a bitch – and when you watch this movie, you will truly believe so. Three parallel stories showcasing how Love can screw things up for you. And, it is not just the husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend kind of love. Though, slightly depressing, if you watch the movie from a bird’s eye view, it may just uplift you.

What we learn: Love is beautiful. But it also has the tendency to hurt us like a bitch!

American History X: The things we do influence the ones around us. Especially the close ones. Ed Norton (Derek Vinyard), plays a neo-nazi, anti black, white man. He kills two blacks brutally and ends up in jail for that. When he is released, he is a reformed man. But the problem is his younger brother, who seems to have taken the path of his elder brother before he went to jail. As much as Derek wants his kid brother to turn into a better human being but unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse. An epic movie to watch.

What we learn: The decisions we take always have consequences of some sort. We may not know of them, but there are always consequences.

A Beautiful Mind: The true story of brilliant mathematician, John Nash. A genius with numbers, a smart man married to a smart wife. Suffers from schizophrenia. Winner of the Nobel Prize. And we wonder what we are doing with our lives? A movie that will truly touch your soul.

What we learn: Life will be cruel and unfair. Learn to tame it!

Invictus: A black man. President of South Africa during the Apartheid and eventually responsible for the end of it. Nelson Mandela’s story on how he befriended the captain of the country’s Rugby team and brought a whole nation together. I’m the master of my plate. I’m the captain of my soul. Sums it up, doesn’t it?

What we learn: The smallest of steps, no matter how different, can impact lives in a massive way.

Seven Pounds: A man who embarks on journey of redemption that changes lives forever. A movie that will make you want to kick back and think about whatever decisions you’ve taken in your life. A movie so beautifully scripted that it’ll put you to tears at the end.

What we learn: We’ve all done bad things in life. Are we doing anything to mend it?

The Bucket List: A story about two critically ill people who meet at a hospital. Everything about human emotion is showcased in this movie. A movie that will ensure that you pack your bags one day and do things that you’ve always wanted to do. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in the movie. What else could you ask for?

What we learn: Have great friendships. Do what all you’ve wanted to before life gets the better of you. Leave the World without regret.

Good Will Hunting: We all strive for good education from reputed institutes and have crazy peer pressure and competition that, in a way, harms us. This movie shows the story of Will Hunting. A janitor who also happens to be a math wizard. His one dialogue will make absolute sense to you, no matter how educated you are – You wasted $150,000 on an education you could have got for $1.50 in late fees at the public library.

What we learn: Being literate is not as important as being educated.

Rocky: Words fall short to describe this movie. A movie that shows the true spirit of humanity!

What we learn: Fight fire with fire!

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