Silent comedy, for us, was watching Mr. Bean. The funniest character on television, Mr. Bean could send one into peals of laughter without uttering a single word. His funny gesturescrooked posture, and hilarious expressions added to his insanity. Mr. Bean was portrayed by English actor Rowan Atkinson, who also starred in and as Johnny English. As you can see, the man was born to do comedy.

Today, Rowan Atkinson celebrates his 62nd birthday. In his honor, we have compiled a list of the best moments of Mr. Bean. Watch them and get transported back to a time when comedy did not require any dlialogs, but only the talent of one pure genius.  

Driving has never been so much fun.

A healthy alternative for snacks.

This one is better than the Bible.

Never do this in a church!

101 ways to cheat in an exam.

When you hit ‘Snooze’ too many times.

A day at the movies…

Happy birthday, Rowan Atkinson. Do give us more of Mr. Bean!