Wouldn’t it be amazing if our lives had a soundtrack? Even simple things like being stuck in highway traffic would be a lot more exciting if AC/DC were playing Highway to Hell in the background. But what would happen if you couldn’t control the soundtrack of your life? One man finds out in Mr. Foley.

In the short film, our protagonist wakes up from a surgery to find the world around him completely silent…except for music by a band that seems to follow him around to provide his life with a soundtrack. What follows is a comic caper that effortlessly strikes the balance between tragedy and comedy.

Backed by excellent musicians, Mr. Foley undoubtedly has a brilliant soundtrack, something the short filmmakers often tend to ignore. However, that’s not all it offers. It also features visuals that are reminiscent of cult hits like Amelie and Napoleon Dynamite. And that’s a real compliment, if there ever was one!

If you want to watch a delightful short film that finds the comedy in tragedy, don’t miss Mr. Foley: