Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner is an intricate work of art. Stunning cinematography and outstanding performances are what make Leigh’s Mr. Turner a masterpiece.

"Mr. Turner" illustrates a grim yet riveting portrait of the ace romantic landscape painter J.M.W Turner. Timothy Spall gives a stellar performance as the eccentric Mr. Turner. It is a delight to watch him, as he grunts and mumbles around with a certain brutish attitude. Leigh presented the various nuances of the artist. The film focuses on the tender relationship between Mr.Turner and his father, William (Paul Jesson) whom he endearingly addresses as "Daddy". After William’s death, Turner visits a brothel. He asks her to pose for a sketch and then weeps violently, mourning the loss of his father. This is in stark contrast with  the complicated relationship that Turner shares with his housekeeper, Hannah Danby (Dorothy Atkinson), whom he often exploits sexually.

Marion Bailey as Sophia Booth has such a compelling presence! Her acting is natural. Dorothy Atkinson also gives a stellar performance. You can’t help, but empathize with the character of Hannah Danby.

The exquisite cinematography by Dick Pope will amaze you. In search of inspiration, Mr Turner travels across far coastal lands on steam locomotives. The shots of the sunsets and the majestic ocean are simply breath-taking and gorgeous.

Why should you watch the film?

Mr. Turner is a brilliant piece of art. It is like a painting with many layers of emotions. The film which runs for two and a half hour is not for everyone. The film unfolds slowly, and you’re exposed to a polished work of art. If you love art, you shouldn’t miss this film. Watch Mr. Turner for the outstanding performance of Timothy Spall and the terrific direction of Mike Leigh.

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