Here’s Why You Must Not Miss Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk is one of the most-anticipated movies of the summer. After a gap of nearly three years, the revered director is gracing screens worldwide with a World War II thriller that follows the evacuation of Allied soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk in France, where they were surrounded by Germans. While we wait for Dunkirk to release in India on 21st July, here are five reasons to watch Dunkirk:  

Nolan Himself 
Reasons to Watch Dunkirk - BookMyShowReasons to Watch Dunkirk - BookMyShow

Christopher Nolan is one of those rare directors who has never disappointed the audiences with his movies. He's fond of unconventional narratives, particularly ones with a twist at the end. This will be the first time that Nolan is attempting to retell a historical story established firmly in reality. It will certainly be interesting to see how well he manages to accomplish it. 

World War II
Reasons to Watch Dunkirk - BookMyShow

Hollywood loves World War II movies. There have been many Oscar nominations and wins for movies set in the WWII – Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, and Inglorious Basterds to name a few. While we already know Dunkirk is headed for the Academy Awards, there's yet another reason other than the director that it's set apart from the usual Hollywood World War flick – it's told from a British point of view. 

Great Cast
Reasons to Watch Dunkirk - BookMyShowReasons to Watch Dunkirk - BookMyShow

Christopher Nolan works with a select group of actors and most of them have made the cut once again. Cillian Murphy has been in four other Nolan movies and Tom Hardy has been in two. Other than these two, the cast also includes Mark Rylance who has won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, Kenneth Branagh who has been nominated for an Oscar five times. The pop singer Harry Styles is also making his acting debut with Dunkirk. 

Superb Score
Reasons to Watch Dunkirk - BookMyShowReasons to Watch Dunkirk - BookMyShow

Another favorite colleague of Christopher Nolan, Hans Zimmer has provided the music for Dunkirk. Very few composers manage to make the audiences feel through just music but Zimmer excels in it. The Nolan-Zimmer duo has proven to be a hit with many memorable movie scores over the years – Interstellar, Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy, and Prestige. This magical combination is in action once again and it's obvious from the trailer that it's going to work once more. 

Best Theatrical Experience

If you managed to see  Nolan's most recent movies Interstellar or Inception on the big screen, you know how rewarding it is to watch Christopher Nolan's vision of a world play out in IMAX. Nolan shies away from 3D or heavy CGI, preferring his shots to speak for themselves. From the Dunkirk trailer itself, it seems to be yet another film-making masterpiece that you wouldn't want to miss seeing in theaters. 

Do you have any more reasons to watch Dunkirk? Share with us in the comments below. Don't forget to read our Dunkirk review before you head out to see the movie this weekend.