Musicals – you either love them or you hate them! From flawless acting scenes to dramatic songs and dance sequences, musicals have all the essential elements to keep you entertained. So, if you don’t mind the inclusion of songs and elaborate dance numbers in the plot, you will definitely love watching musical films.

We bring you a list of some of the most well-directed musicals in Hollywood- the ones that you must watch at least once in your lifetime.

Across the Universe
If you are a huge fan of The Beatles, you must watch this musical. The director, Julie Taymor, has artistically directed this movie by seamlessly incorporating some of the most popular songs of the band, The Beatles in the story. The backdrop of this film is inspired from the late 60s, highlighting the time of the Vietnam war. You can catch Jim Sturgess play the role of a bloke named Jude from Liverpool, who falls in love with a relatively rich American girl, named Lucy, played by Evan Rachel Wood.

This multi-starrer will thoroughly amuse you with its sensational visualization. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the role of Velma Kelly while Renée Zellweger plays the role of Roxie Hart, who find themselves on the death row for being accused for murder. Richard Gere plays the role of their flamboyant defense lawyer, Billy Flynn, who is all set to make their stories famous in order to save them from the gallows.

The Sound of Music

This film is an absolute classic. It’s about an Austrian woman named Maria, played by Julie Andrews, who aspires to be a nun but is sent to become a governess to the children of the Navy captain, George Von Trapp, played by Christopher Plummer. Soon, Maria manages to befriend the children and liven up the atmosphere at home, which catches the captain’s attention, and kindles into love.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
This musical is for all the Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter fans. In this movie, watch Johnny Depp play the role of Sweeney Todd, who forms a sinister partnership with Mrs. Lovett – played by Helena Bonham Carter, to take revenge against the people who made his family suffer.

Mamma Mia
Here’s another film that is based on the songs of the popular Swedish POP band, ABBA. This, too, is a multi-starrer, which has key actors such as Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Amanda Seyfried and Colin Firth. This musical has a Greek set-up and is about a girl named Sophie – played by Amanda Seyfried, who is trying to find her biological father before she gets married.

Moulin Rouge
This is the tragic love story of a poet, played by Ewan McGregor and a courtesan, played by Nicole Kidman. This movie is filled with oodles of drama, romance and action sequences, which will leave you spellbound.

Sita Sings the Blues
This animated movie adds a modern musical twist to the mythological tale of the Ramayana. The director of this film, Nina Paley, has tried to show the similarities and conflicts between the ancient tale and the current-day setup.