There are some films that sweep everyone off their feet and blow their mind. These films are the game changers, the modifiers, the ones that mark the start of something new. Batman (1989), The Blair Witch Project (1999), Avatar (2009), Gravity (2013) and many more have managed to not only entertain us but have inspired millions of budding film-makers. If you analyse all the films, you’ll find that most of these films have received Academy Award nominations over the years. So, it is absolutely insane if you miss out on these Oscar-nominated gems. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we have the list of top films that you must, must give a try, this Oscar season. 

Watch it for Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance. And to judge for yourself if he deserves to finally win this year. 

A gently nostalgic spectacle that will touch your heart. Watch it for Saoirse Ronan’s sincere portrayal of Eilis Lacey.

The Big Short
An intense recreation of the events that followed in 2008’s subprime crisis and what led to it. Watch it for the performances. 

Steven Spielberg’s genius with Tom Hanks’ skills make this movie worth every minute. The story follows the conviction of Rudolf Abel (the Russian spy), and his American lawyer James Donovan. 

A gripping story that unfolds with perfection. Watch it for the direction and superlative performances. 

Brie Larson’s performance in the film will leave you impressed. A heartfelt drama full of suspense. 

An enthralling story about the struggle for survival on Mars. Watch it to see Matt Damon’s brilliant performance. 

An exhilarating affair. Watch the film for the cinematography and visual effects. 

The film is a strong message in times of political paranoia. Watch it for Bryan Cranston’s performance. 

An intense film inspired by a remarkable real-life story. Eddie Redmayne’s performance will leave you in awe. 

Watch it for the simple and uncomplicated narrative and incredible performances from Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. 

An uplifting story of a strong woman. Jennifer Lawrence’s performance is exemplary.