Most of us grew up watching movies and swooning over our favorite actors and believing every unrealistic plot thrown at us. We are well aware of the fact that filmmakers play around with some facts for a little more drama and entertainment and yet we still choose to willingly suspend disbelief. Gandi baat! Mummy ne bola tha na never to believe everything we saw? We have never seemed to acknowledge the wisdom in those words and we still continue to believe everything with naivety, only to realize that some of those when applied to real life end up rather unfortunate.

Over the years, myths were created in the movies, most of which we still believe. Here are a few:

"Women can do anything in heels"
In a movie, there is nothing a woman cannot do in heels. She can run, escape, kick, jump, fight and never lose balance. Impressive! But incredibly inaccurate.

"You'll meet the love of your life at 16"
While this may be true for some, for many this doesn't happen until their 20s, 30s or even later. So the Ae Pyaar Teri Pehli Nazar Ko Salaam at Solah baras ki baali umar ain't happening bro!

"A heart that is altogether stopped can be restarted with a defibrillator"
In the real world, defibrillation cannot restart a flat line.

"Labor ends a few minutes later"
Well, even if you're Kim Kardashian, it's still not true. You are not always super cheery afterwards.

"Pressing a few buttons on a computer allows you to copy the owner's secrets onto a CD in 10 seconds"
Yeah that's what you'd like you believe. Tim Cook must be laughing at you. LOL.

"Your hair is perfect. Your breath doesn't smell and your makeup remains"
You wish! HAHAHA. Learn to deal with this lie.

"Losing weight takes a two-minute montage of scenes"
Yeah. Sure.

"When faced with a time bomb, cutting the red wire will always work"
Why? Because it's familiar? Don't even ask.

"People who have been shot will only die after having said all the important things"
Wait! What??

"Wait for a day until you report a missing person"
Well, if you're concerned you would obviously contact the police immediately. If you don't give a ****, let it be, man!

"A person who is drowning, will call out for help"
No, you wouldn't hear a dramatic ''bachao''. Actually, it is difficult to notice a drowning person.

"You can shoot two guns at the same time"
It may look uber cool to do this, but how are you going to aim at two targets simultaneously?

"You can pull out the pin of a grenade with your teeth"
Well, you can try all you want (at your own risk), the grenade will still have a pin. You may lose all your teeth.

"You have all the time in the world to throw a grenade back"
Most grenades have a fuse time of 3-5 seconds. Daant lose karne ke baad, ye naa ho paayega, beta.

"Being shot can knock you off your feet or right across the room"
It is impossible for the force of a bullet to knock you off your feet, let alone fly through the air.

"You can rip out the IV tubes and walk out minutes after a major surgery."
Like a boss? No? Sorry but you will just have to wait before you chase the love of your life.

"The street is the perfect place for you to bust out a random step because everyone you meet will magically know every step"