Verdict: Fans of Junior NTR – Rejoice!

Makar Sankranti/Pongal might be the festival of the season but revenge sure seems to be the all-season flavour in Tollywood. Nannaku Prematho is just that – a complete revenge movie. Revenge is the crux and seemingly, the only motive of the film. All starts well with Abhiram (Junior NTR) flagging off a company for losers after he loses his own job. Some riff-raff about the butterfly effect and some silly business plans later, Abhiram convinces several people to invest in his company and then comes the twist. 


Abhiram and his brothers (also major achievers) are suddenly called home to meet their ailing father, who chooses this visit to tell them how they aren’t really the children of a poor father. A tail of swindling and treachery is unfurled and Abhiram immediately decides to avenge his dying father. The catch – the villain is now one of UK's richest men and  Abhiram has just under a month to ensure his enemy’s bank balance dwindles to zero. That’s Nannaku Prematho. 

The film is entertaining, we’ll give it that. In typical Sukumar fashion, the storytelling is swift and the flaws in narrative easy to ignore. The music is fun and Junior NTR manages to keep you thoroughly entertained during all the songs. This actor can dance, and how!

Rakul Preet Singh has a meatier role in this one – she actually has her moments, but the real surprise is Madhubala (Roja) who appears for a short cameo as Rakul’s mother, and nails it! Rajendra Prasad is amazing as always, and Jagapathi Babu ensures he sends a chill down your spine in certain scenes. The film is otherwise just another Tollywood mass entertainer. Why so much revenge though, Tollywood, we must ask?

Things you might learn in this movie, interestingly, are: 

1) The butterfly effect and its varied examples.

2) The butterfly effect can be controlled/reversed.

3) People across the world speak and understand Telugu – be it in the UK or Spain.

4) How to laugh evil-ly for long durations. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 

Go for this one with your family or your Junior NTR-gang of friends- this is his 25th movie and a true fan wouldn’t miss it for the world. 

– By L. Romal M. Singh