Negan! The name causes an uneasy stir in the fans of The Walking Dead. Just when the world couldn’t decide who TV’s worst villain was, with Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Snow leading the show, TWD introduced us to the devil himself. Negan was mean, psychotic, and evil. Like Joffrey and Ramsay, he didn’t just bark orders. He killed one the show’s leading characters himself and in the most brutal way possible. He went on to kill many other important people. We hate him for it.

But we cannot help but like the actor who plays himJeffrey Dean Morgan, who has previously always been the ‘good guy’ on TV, makes an amazing villain. He plays the role with such ease, it was like he was born to be Negan. On the actor’s birthday, we bring you six moments on the show that made him television’s best as well as the worst villain ever. Take a look:

Negan on The Walking Dead - BookMyShow

When he got the Saviors to worship him

Negan was the self-appointed leader of the Saviors. They didn't just obey him, some even worshiped him. The rest feared him. Everyone decided to call themselves Negan in order to protect him. Negan is not to be messed with!  

When he tricked Rick and the group

While Rick has been mostly unpredictable, Negan was ready for him. When the Alexandria group attacked the Saviors for the first time, they only killed a fraction of them. The Saviors were ready for the next attack, which led Rick straight to Negan. Everything went downhill for Alexandria after that.

Negan on The Walking Dead - BookMyShow

When he killed Glenn

Rick and his group killed many of the Saviors. Negan was not going to let that go. So he decided to take one or two of them. First, he brutally murdered Abraham and then proceeded to kill Glenn too. Glenn, who has been a part of the show since the very first episode, was the most shocking death on TWD.

When he had complete control over Rick

Negan was not done punishing Rick after he killed Abraham and Glenn. He had to make sure that Rick obeyed and feared him. So he decided to hold Carl bait until Rick would give in. What kind of a monster harms a child while his father watches? 

Negan on The Walking Dead - BookMyShow

When he called the shots

HilltopKingdomAlexandria, even the Scavengers – all bowed down to Negan. He had complete control. They gave him food, alcohol, guns, doctors, and anything else he required. No one had the courage to fight him. Even Joffrey was not feared as much as him.

When he decided to use Sasha as bait

Knowing Rick would back down if Sasha was in danger, Negan decided to use her as bait against him. Only, Sasha was ready for him this time and had already turned (become a zombie) by the time they reached Alexandria. But Negan managed to survive even that attack.

Negan on The Walking Dead - BookMyShow

We can’t wait for The Walking Dead to come back soon. Meanwhile, we wish Jeffrey Dean Morgan a happy birthday and hope he stays on the show for a while.