Ever imagine what it’ll be like living next door to a terrorist? What about a good-looking terrorist? 

Next door is a twelve-minutes long film about what happens when a nerdy guy falls for a hot terrorist living, well, next door. This short film by Drew Mylrea is a science-fiction cum chaotic-comedy. The scenario shows a US city under lock-down. There’s martial law everywhere and you can see some serious action which makes you wonder if you’re actually in one of the war-torn Middle Eastern regions. The director has taken care of all the small details, whether it is the choppers flying or the almost real hunt downs in the middle of a perfect suburban neighborhood. It’s an amusingly eccentric approach to the science-fiction genre and you’d be amazed at the VFX effects he has achieved on a tight budget!
Though the plot makes you hope for a cracking story, it kind of lets you down. The story plays on certain queer notions and gives you almost everything you’d not expect from it. Sadly, not in a good way. The plot feels weakly sewed and the actors barely make their mark. It looks sort of like an under-cooked fantasy tale with an unexpected ending.
Having said that, Next Door, does leave you with something of an after-thought. You’ll question yourself – will you abandon your comfort zone and do something crazy for someone you like? What about something prohibited? Are you even willing to risk your life? 
Watch the short film for a surprising answer. 

Next Door from Drew Mylrea on Vimeo.