Verdict: Ammy-Sonam-Wamiqa’s love story works in parts.

When a sequel to a successful film is made, immediate comparisons between the two versions start cropping up in the mind of the viewers. Nikka Zaildar, which released in 2016 was an epic entertainer and went on to become one of the biggest hits of last year. To cash in on the popularity of the film, the makers decided to take the name, core star cast and crew, and make another film. But the similarities end right there. Nikka Zaildar 2 has a new setting, added members in the starcast, and a fresh story which has nothing to do with Nikka Zaildar. Having said that, what is luring the viewers to cinema halls is the success of part 1. Does Nikka Zaildar 2 also manage to entertain the viewer? Let’s analyze.

Nikka (Ammy Virk) and Saawan Kaur (Wamiqa Gabbi) are in love with each other. Nikka tries hard to impress Saawan’s parents so they agree to their marriage. But circumstances force Nikka to get married to Roop Kaur (Sonam Bajwa). Sooner than she expected, Nikka reveals to Roop that he loves Saawan and wants to marry her. Does Roop accept Nikka’s proposal or conflicts him forms rest of the story.

Nikka Zaildar 2 review - BookMyShow

Nikka Zaildar 2 is in striking contrast to its earlier version. While Nikka Zaildar focused more on humour, Nikka Zaildar 2 is a take on relationships with focus on love stories between the lead protagonists. The movie has its highs and lows and the viewer experiences those as the graph goes up and down frequently. The factors that go in favour of the movie is that the director and writer have made deliberate efforts in showcasing the culture of Punjab. The setting is done in the era gone by wherein marriages were celebrated in a particular fashion, unlike today. Understanding the mannerisms and behaviour of those people makes Nikka Zaildar 2 an exciting watch. The Sadiq track, Teeyan and extensive coverage of wedding is nostalgic.

The movie falters in one of the key areas, i.e. lack of humour arising from confrontations between Ammy and Nirmal Rishi. Nikka Zaildar 2 starts off with Ammy’s and Wamiqa’s love story and then moves to Ammy’s and Sonam’s. There’s confusion all around and the makers could have scored high points from this twisted story. Without an iota of doubt in the mind, director Simerjit Singh and writer Jagdeep Sidhu are immensely talented and a few sequences do have their stamp written all over. Unfortunately, these are quite few as the viewers expected a lot more. The witty one-liners do exist, but the movie leaves the viewer aspiring for more. Moreover, what’s difficult to absorb is the ease with which Roop and other family members agree to Nikka’s demand of marrying Saawan, then the sudden change in Nikka’s heart, Saawan’s acceptance just before marriage – all seems to be a cakewalk.

Nikka Zaildar 2 review - BookMyShow

Performance wise, Ammy Virk has achieved better results in the past. He tries hard but thw connect with his character is missing. Sonam Bajwa is fantastic. She underplays the character of Roop with exuberance. Wamiqa Gabbi is a stunner. She looks pretty on screen and acts well too. It’s hard to understand why she is seen so less in Punjabi movies. Nirmal Rishi is at her usual best. Her confrontations with Sardar Sohi bring the house down. Amongst character artists, Sardar Sohi is first-rate, Harby Sangha generates laughter, Baninderjit Singh is the scene stealer, and Rana Ranbir amuses. Prince Kanwaljit Singh could have had a better role.

Simerjit Singh is a fine craftsman and has already proved himself. He does full justice to the script offered to him and makes an entertaining film. He would’ve done a much better job had the script been a little tighter. Jagdeep Sidhu has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of the movie. He succeeds in a few aspects. He had done a much better job with Nikka Zaildar and viewer’s high expectations from him ultimately backfire in Nikka Zaildar 2. Editing (Omkarnath Bhakri) is crisp. DOP Akashdeep Pandey does a fine job in covering the villages and greenery of Punjab. The art director Shabana Khanam deserves a special mention for putting up a realistic setting of Punjab of the 70’s. The music (Gurmeet Singh) is top notch with Gaani, Jatti and Kali Jota being chartbusters.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Nikka Zaildar 2 is a sweet romantic love triangle between Ammy Virk, Sonam Bajwa and Wamiqa Gabbi. Throw away the comparisons with Nikka Zaildar and you would enjoy Nikka Zaildar 2. This one does not entertain with laughter and humour, but with love and relationship. Watch Nikka Zaildar 2 to experience how the people from the era gone by lived and celebrated their lives.

— By Gurlove Singh