The idea of not having kids would sound appalling to most people. Here in India, marriage and kids are considered to be the most important ideals, ingrained in the minds of young girls. Everything else comes later. So, even if a girl agrees to get married but chooses to stay childless, a million voices will be raised against her decision. The foremost and loudest will be from her own family, who will use such arguments to ‘reason’ with her:

A. Tumhaara dimaag kharaab ho gaya hai kya? (Insanity)
B. Log kya kahenge? (Society)
C. Bacche bhagwan ka roop hote hai! (Religion)
D. Aisi baatein ladkiyon ko shobhaa nahi deti! (Culture)

These would be the few ‘words of wisdom’ thrown at her. For such helpless souls, women like Ellen De Generes and Jennifer Aniston are a source of inspiration. Yes, they chose to get married. But they decided not to have children. And they do not regret their decisions.

For those who are thinking ‘Vahan toh aisa hi hota hai, humaare India mein yeh sab nahi chalta’, there are plenty of Indian women who chose not to have kids and led happy, fulfilling lives. Examples of these inspirational women can also be found in people’s most loved industry – Bollywood. Take a look at them here:
In 1966, the young actress married Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar. The couple have no kids, and they still remain happily married. Banu once revealed that taking care of Dilip, who is 22 years elder to her, is equal to looking after 10 kids! Who’d want any kids after that?
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Meena Kumari
The actress married film director, Kamal Amrohi, while he was still married to Mehmoodie, with whom he had three children. The couple did not have any kids of their own, and even after their divorce, Meena Kumari chose to remain childless.
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The actress is married to Javed Akhtar, who already had two children, Zoya and Farhan, from his previous marriage. Instead of having children, Azmi decided to dedicate her life to more important causes, such as supporting child survival and fighting AIDS and communal injustice.
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One of the most successful actresses of her time, Rekha was married once, and rumored to be married more than once, but never had any children out of those marriages. Today, she lives a quiet, stress-free live in a posh locality in Bombay.  
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Kareena Kapoor Khan
While the rumor mills are abuzz that the actress has a bun in the oven, Kareena Kapoor Khan has made no move to confirm the suspicions. She also revealed in an interview that she did not wish to have any kids with hubby Saif Ali Khan, who already has two children from his previous marriage. Stick to your commitment, Bebo!
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For those of you who pity these actresses for not having experienced the joys of motherhood, think of stainless walls, heaps of money not spent on education and diapers, and the peace in the house at the end of a tiring day. Besides, if you need something to care for, you could always adopt these little cutie pies instead! 
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