So when an animated movie comes to the screens, the kid in us suddenly wakes up. Norm of the North appeals to the kid in us. It has a decent storyline and a cute-looking Polar Bear who can twerk. With a slew of animated movies hitting the screens this year, Norm of the North is one of those feel-good movies that are a fun one-time watch.

This film revolves around Norm (voice of Rob Schneider), a polar bear who thinks that humans can speak Bear, and is too emotional to even hunt for a kill. Also, there happens to be an increasing number of visitors in their habitat. At first, no one seems to mind the tourists. Norm’s brother even arranges entertainment for them – lemmings dancing to some awesome music. But when a troupe from Greene Homes comes to the Arctic to shoot a commercial for building homes there, Socrates, the old wise bird, and Norm, decide to save their homes. Socrates encourages Norm by convincing him that he could be the only one who can save their homes. They then eavesdrop Vera’s (voiced by Heather Graham) conversation, which gives them the cue that they will need an actor who can endorse and help sell the Greene Homes in the North.

So Norm and his three accomplices, the lemmings, jump onto the house that was used for shooting the commercial on its journey back to New York City in order to stop Mr. Greene (voice of Ken Jeong) from building homes and inhabiting the Arctic. On arrival, he devises a plan with Olympia, Vera’s kid, and the adventure begins here.
In this age of animated films that could swoon you off your feet, Norm of the North is leaves a lot to be desired in the animation department. Though the dancing and twerking Polar Bear and a trio of cute lemmings farting and tinkling in an aquarium is funny, animated movies need more and Norm of the north just doesn’t do justice to this more. 
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
The film imparts a subtle message for the audience: save the Arctic; our home, our planet, needs to be protected. Kids will enjoy Norm and the invincible lemmings, who are boneless and can get into shape anytime, even after getting stomped upon by Norm. There are a few delightful scenes and definitely a few laughs here and there.
So Parents, if your kids want to watch some animated action, this one is not too bad.