With his new advertisement taking a dig at all the advertisements that objectify women and posting a lovely video titled "Your Voice" for all students who got their results lately, Vir Das has been all over the news for the past couple of weeks, charming everyone with his wit and his soft side. Starting off as a stand-up comedian with more than 100 stand-up shows and numerous tours all over India and abroad, founder of a comedy consultancy Weirdass Comedy, and comedy rock band Alien Chutney, TV host, theatre actor and a dozen of Bollywood films to his credit, he definitely has a vast audience, who are devoted to all his four different career paths. He is undoubtedly a great stand-up comedian and a super-talented guy, but when it comes to films, his formula for choosing films isn’t quite right. He is great at what he does, but the movies he does don’t impress. Apart from Badmaash Company and Delhi Belly, none of his films made quite a mark. Hence, he has ended with some not-so-great films to his credit. Let’s take a look at some of the films he has wrongly chosen:

Amit Sahni Ki List: In this Romcom, Vir Das played Amit Sahni, a successful investment banker, who had everything perfect and sorted in his life except for a girl. Hence, he is on the lookout for a girl who would tick every checkmark on his list but ends up falling for a girl, who of course is nothing like his list. The movie had nothing new to offer and Vir Das plays Vir Das, which makes the movie bearable. 

Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd.: Santa Banta was the perfect example of too many cooks spoiling the broth. It had the best comedians of India on board and, yet, was easily termed as the "worst movie of 2016". The lacklustre script and the director’s lack of vision were the main reasons for the film’s bad landing. Vir Das couldn’t do much, except maybe learn from this and choose a better film next time.   

Revolver Rani: This film missed all its target in all senses. A black comedy set against a political background, the film was a mess. Kangana Ranaut as always stole the show. Vir Das did his best, yet the film was a flop again because of the poor script and screenplay.

Mastizaade: A sex comedy starring Sunny Leone and Vir Das. "Awful", "soul-crushingly awful", that’s what most critics called this movie. No plot, very cheeky dialogs, moans, groans, and farts are a few elements that contributed to the masti element of this movie. Masti comedy or Sasti comedy, we ask.

Watch the trailer and movie at your own risk.

Scooper Se Ooper: In this supposed comedy, which never makes you laugh, Vir Das plays a financially distressed youth in search of his uncle. Let’s just say not many people found this one funny.

On his birthday today, we wish him all the luck in the world and good decision-making skills, to choose better movies that will showcase his comedy skills and acting abilities.