Let's face it: at the end of the day, film-making is not about the director, the actors or the critics. It's about the people who pay to watch the film. Their interest and money decides what is made and what is not. 

Like every other industry, Bollywood also runs by numbers. So, we've put these numbers to work for our analysis. All films that were liked by more than 50% of the audience are on the right, and the films that failed to reach the 50% approval rating are on the left. So, if Jazbaa scored 69% positive votes, it is 19 points to the right. 

There is a lot for filmmakers to take away from the People's Verdict this month. 

1. The script and theme don't matter if you can make people laugh (SIB, PKP 2, Guddu Ki Gun).

2. The audience prefers performance over star cast (Talvar). 

3. Production value can no longer make up for the lack of a solid script (Shaandaar).

Still, with 10 of the 13 releases getting positive reviews, October was a relatively good month for Bollywood. Here's hoping November's even better!