We live in fleeting times. It’s the world of instant messaging and texts. A world where people use emoticons instead of words. It is hardly surprising then, that a romantic soul suffers in times like these. 

The allure of writing letters in the transitory, fast-paced lives we lead lies in the old-fashioned charm it has. The idea of taking time off to string together a few pretty words for someone you love, is comforting and anchoring. It ascribes a kind of urgency and a helpless desire to romance. A catnip for all the quixotic individuals out there, the appeal has been harnessed by pop culture and has left even the most prosaic ones among us, sighing and swooning.

With e-mail, the process of letter writing became more efficient and essentially instantaneous. 

Pop culture has immortalized e-mail with films that showcased the leads writing to each other, expressing their feelings. 

You’ve Got Mail

You've Got Mail - BookMyShow

A compilation of such sort, is incomplete without You’ve Got Mail. Loosely based on A Shop Around the Corner (1940), You’ve Got Mail showcases a love story that blossoms between a bookstore-owning business honcho (Tom Hanks) and an idealistic book shop owner (Meg Ryan) via e-mails. 

Mitr, My Friend

Mitr, My Friend - BookMyShow

Released in the early 2000s, Mitr dealt with the complexities of relationships. It depicted a crumbling marriage, a troubled mother-daughter relationship and was the story of a languishing home-maker, who starts an e-friendship, only to discover that *spoiler alert* her online friend was her husband all along, talking to her using an alias.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge

Mujhse Dosti Karoge - BookMyShow

Bollywood’s version of online romance:  A childhood friendship that evolves into love over e-mails, a much-awaited reunion and a case of mistaken identity, and an eventual happy-ending. 

A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story - BookMyShow

A modern twist to the universally adored Cinderella, A Cinderella Story narrates Sam’s story. A tormented high-schooler, who labors at her step-mother’s diner day in and day out, only to find solace in the mails exchanged, in the wee hours of the morning, with her Prince Charming.

Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty - BookMyShow

Bruce Almighty shows the angst of a TV reporter, who challenges God Himself, only to be a given a chance to be God for a few days. A particularly amusing scene has him replying to the prayers of his million worshippers via mail. 

The inventor of e-mail, Ray Tomlinson, saddened millions across the globe with his sad demise. But he lives on, through the ubiquitous e-mail.

– By Maitreyee Avachat