Setsuko (Shinobu Terajima) is a regular middle-aged office employee in Tokyo, working her 9-5 shift and returning home. She is unmarried and looks extremely bored of her current life situation. The film is about how she enrols herself in an English class and falls in love with her teacher who also happens to be her niece’s boyfriend.

Background and Story:

After premiering her 22-minute short film Oh Lucy! three years ago at Cannes and winning the Cinefoundation Selection, Japanese filmmaker Atsuko Hirayanagi is back with the feature length version of the same film.

Oh Lucy! Review- BookMyShow

Setsuko’s niece, Mika (Shioli Kutsuna) coaxes her to take her place in the English class that she had enrolled herself for. With nothing exciting in life anyway, Setsuko agrees to do so and enters a shady looking building where the class takes place. There, she meets her English professor (from the United States), John (Josh Hartnett) and soon enough falls for his friendly and warm behaviour. John gives his Japanese students English names for ease in communication and that is how Setsuko gets the name, Lucy. Excited and anxious, she returns the next day for the class and finds out that John had resigned and flown back to the US along with her niece, Mika.

A heart-broken, Setsuko/Lucy decides to take a break from work and go on a vacation to Los Angeles to meet her niece and of course, John. After reaching there, she finds out that Mika and John are no longer together and confesses to John about her feelings for him.

Why You Should Watch:

Oh Lucy! is not your regular romantic story. The out-of-the-box treatment and the unexpectedly touching ending is something you should definitely watch the movie for. The story of an emotionally unfulfilled middle-aged woman emerging from her shell will keep you hooked.

What You Should Watch Next:

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