Review: The year is 2013, and Antoine Fuqua’s latest release, Olympus Has Fallen seems like it belongs to the decades past. While it is infused with as much action and drama as one would’ve looked for, the film has its ‘old-world’ charm in it, which in this case is not totally a positive nuance. Starring actors like Morgan Freeman in all his epicness, Aaron Eckhart delivering a good performance and Gerard Butler at his robust-best, the film promises to keep your interest intact through the 100 minutes run time. A glitch however is the way certain aspects have been handled. So Olympus, is a secret code name for The White House, and it falls under attack by rather pretty-looking terrorists who hail from North Korea following an upheaval in the country caused due to The US hand (fictitiously) in it.

Gerard Butler plays ex-presidential guard, Mike Banning who was charged on grounds of integrity and since then had been trying to redeem himself. He only did get a chance to do the same when the ill-fated terror attacks happened. With the President and a few of his cabinet members taken hostage by the terror group, the only thing that can save them is revealing the codes that shall lead to national destruction. On the other side, are Government officials along with the officiating President of the country, played by Morgan Freeman.

While the film is simple and rather predictable, certain showcases of violence will have you on the edge of your seat. Yes, it is enjoyable for a movie buff. But is Gerard Butler ‘the’ man to play this part? Honestly speaking, he doesn’t lack great acting prowess, however his soft chocolate boy looks and that Irish accent give way for everyone watching him to think of him as a perfect romantic hero – nothing more, nothing less. Of course, there are major exceptions like his role as King Leonidas in 300, but again, his ‘Mike’ (The Ugly Truth) was more relatable in my opinion.

As far as the story is concerned, it is pretty well-woven with all the elements of violence, action and emotions in place. Although it isn’t one you won’t particularly mind missing, this is a film that makes for a decent watch this weekend.

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