Movie romances are those perfect fairy tales. There’s your handsome hero, a pretty heroine, a twist in the tale and soon enough, a happy ending to put a smile on everyone’s faces. Hollywood is where dream romances are made – both off-screen and on-screen. Sometimes, two actors find that their equation as fictional characters to be so good, it extends beyond the silver screen.  Some of Hollywood’s finest actors have had such commendable chemistry on the big screen, they ended up pursuing romantic relationships off-screen too and opening up to the media about it. Here’s a few A-list actors who took their roles a little too seriously, and found true love (or something like that). 

Tom Cruise – Nicole Kidman

One of the most talked about couples of Hollywood, Cruise and Kidman started dating after their film together, Days of Thunder. They went on to get married, and adopt two children. They divorced in 2001. 

Kristen Stewart – Robert Pattinson

A more recent couple, Kristen and Robert met on the sets of the Twilight film in 2008, and immediately hit it off. They later broke up, and Pattinson is currently dating British singer FKA Twigs. 

Andrew Garfield – Emma Stone

Apparently, the ability to shoot webs and scale walls helps you score women. Andrew Garfield began dating his co-star and love interest Emma Stone, after the release of The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012. 

Daniel Craig – Rachel Weisz

Being a Bond actor also has its perks. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz tied the knot after dating for a year. They met on the sets of the film The Dream House, in 2010. 

Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie

The biggest supercouple in Hollywood, and possibly one of the most enduring ones in Hollywood, Brangelina met on the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2005. They announced their relationship in 2006, got engaged in 2012 and got married in 2014. They have six kids together.