One Direction: This Is Us follows the international concert tour of Britain’s most popular boy band since the Beatles. Academy Award nominee director, Morgan Spurlock chronicles the birth and journey of the boy-band One Direction, who went from being a bunch of humble British/Irish boys to an overnight sensation – conquering the United Kingdom first and then the world.

A 3D concert documentary, One Direction: This Is Us, portrays the story of 5 guys – Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson who came together as One Direction. They all tried their luck individually at the seventh season of British TV competition The X Factor in 2010. But didn’t make the cut. The commercial genius, Simon Cowell recognized the talent in each boy and as a last minute decision alchemized the 5 boys into one golden boy-band popularly known as 1D. The candid shots/footage of the movie  takes the audiences through every band members’ life, their 2010 The X Factor auditions, birth of One Direction, growing fan base and their various live gigs throughout the Take Me Home concert tour performing at almost every arena across the globe from the UK to New York, USA to Paris,  Mandrid, Berlin to Amsterdam to Ghana to Italy etc summing to a total of 130 live shows. The movie also projects their personal life and family bonding, adding the emotional flavor to the musical biopic.

One Direction: This Is Us is the latest addition to the new 3D concert/documentary genre of movies following Katy Perry‘s Part of Me and Justin Bieber‘s Never Say Never. This new genre of movies pretend to offer the rabid fans, behind-the-scene 3D extravagant priviledged sneak peek. But all they actually offer are technically stylized, audio-visual knowledge of what is already known to the fans either through the electronic media or via the internet platforms. Though these movies are gaining popularity in recent days, but it has never been the same since the by-gone era. In the 60’s and 70’s, revelatory music documentaries like Don’t Look Back and Gimme Shelter gave a warts-and-all portraits of Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, respectively. These musical biopics were never sugar coated portraying them as the perfect individuals. Infact the artist couldn’t have been ever happy with such documentaries in those days. But it all took a U-turn in 1991 with Madonna’s Truth or Dare, which, like the Material Girl herself, pulled off the brilliant balancing act of allowing one to believe that they are witnessing something intimate. But guess even you would agree that everything falls behind pace of 2009 Michael Jackson’s This Is It – a tribute to the King of Pop! An usual docu-cliché movie, the motive of presenting it in 3D is still unexplained. Certain technical graphical represantations were worth a mention like the opening scene where each band member was introduced with a collage of 3D pictures. Another visually creative shot was when each person was turned into a comic character during one of their stage performance. Yet another visual treat was the 3D graphical graffiti flying across the screen during their live concert. One Direction: This Is Us gives an insight on their major song-list including the chart-busters "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Live While We’re Young".  The movie also briefly features few renowned personalities including Martin Scorsese, Chris Rock and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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