Today is Pateti or Parsi New Year, and we wish everyone out there a very happy and prosperous new year ๐Ÿ™‚

If you know a Parsi, we can bet you’ve never had a morose day in your life. That’s how much fun Parsis are. There are so many stereotypes associated with the community (and most are true) that you can spot a Parsi from a mile away. And it’s not just the big nose and the loud “Oh, Khudaai” bit we are talking about. They love their food. They can unabashedly boast of having the best sense of humor out there. They love to laugh, and this isn’t just limited to laughing at others. There’s no wonder then that Bollywood has used many Parsi characters in films. And they have brought an undeniable charm to the film. We love these sometimes eccentric, always hilarious Parsi personas.
Bomi Uncle in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.
Who can forget the old Parsi uncle from Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. who loved life and said ‘carrom ramvanu, juice pivanu majja ni life’. Bomi Uncle was an instant hit and his super-likable personality got etched in our memories. Bomie E. Dotiwala, the actor who played it, has also acted in movies like Black (2005) and Gandhi, My Father (2007). 
Phirojshah in Pestonjee
Naseeruddin Shah played the quiet, indecisive Parsi man, Phirojshah. Though the film was named after another character, Pestonjee or Pepsi played by Anupam Kher, it was Phirojshah’s character that gave the film its central consciousness. 
Homi Mistry in Khatta Meetha
Khatta Meetha was one of the most entertaining films of its time. In 1978, Ashok Kumar played the role of Homi Mistry. The character was of a forward-thinking man who decides to re-marry at an age when most men are thinking of retiring. What followed was an amazing journey filled with lots of laughter-inducing scenes. 
Katy in Being Cyrus
The fervent, fiery Katy played by Dimple Kapadia in Being Cyrus was one of the most interesting portrayals of a Parsi woman. Being Cyrus was Homi Adajania‘s Parsi-drama-meets-psychological-thriller that definitely made a mark with its dark humour. 
Farhad Pastakia in Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi
Boman Irani is our favorite Parsi and his role as Farhad Pastakia definitely brought a smile to our faces. The bra-and-panty salesman falls in love with the woman of his dreams and their relationship goes through its share of very Parsi-ish ups and downs. 
With Katrina Kaif playing an Indian Parsi girl in Kabir Khan‘s Phantom, we are sure we’ll have a modern Parsi character to add to this list. And what better Navroz gift could we ask for?