“You don’t have to be an heiress to look like one, 
if you act like one, then everyone will just presume you are one.”

These inspirational words by birthday girl Paris Hilton were first written in her book, Confessions of an Heiress. Yes, Paris has written not just one, but three books. She is an actress, model, singer, designer, author, DJ, socialite and entrepreneur. And you thought she was just some dumb blonde! Sure, her fame can be credited to where she comes from. After all, she is the granddaughter of the founder of the Hilton Hotels. But Paris is probably the only one of her siblings who rose to be as famous as she is today. And that’s all her doing. The heiress has to her own name perfume lines, fashion lines, apartment complexes and retail stores worldwide. Even a nightclub has been named after her!

Naturally, the life of Paris Hilton is as glamorous as it gets. She may not be as popular now as she was once upon a time, but the 36-year-old star continues to live a lavish life. Take a look:


This is Paris Hilton’s mansion.

Paris Hilton mansion - BookMyShow

You’d wonder why one person needs such a large house to live in. But Paris Hilton is no ordinary person. She is an heiress! And heiresses require heirdoms. This one is called Parisworld. It has five bedrooms, 5½ bathrooms, and a room-sized closet, just for Paris’ shoes.


Paris is obsessed with herself, because…why not?

Paris Hilton brand - BookMyShow

Inside Paris’ house, you’d see pictures of herself all over the place. She is on pillows, portraits, bedside tables, and if there’s no picture, you’re sure to see her name pop up in some wacky font. Paris Hilton is not just a name, it’s a brand!


Her closet is the size of your entire house.

It’s hardly surprising that celebrities have tons of clothes. A look inside Paris’ closet shows her massive denim collection, with over a hundred pairs of jeans, rows and rows of dresses. She’s even got clothes that are a decade old. We guess heiresses don’t recycle! Check out the Vogue video here:


And her shoe collection can make you green with envy.

From Christian LouboutinCharlotte OlympiaChanel, to her own label, Paris has all kinds of shoes. She has more shoes than you would see at a shoe store. Check out her amazing room-sized shoe closet that was mentioned before, here:


She has way too many dogs for her company.  

Paris Hilton dogs - BookMyShow

According to Paris, every woman should have four pets in her life – a mink in her closet, a Jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass who pays for everything! But Paris herself is mother to dogs Harajuku Bitch, Marilyn Monroe, Dolce, Prada, Peter Pan, Dollar, Princess, and Prince Baby Bear.


Her dogs live in style…in a mansion of their own!

Paris Hilton dog house - BookMyShow

If their mother lives in a mansion, why shouldn’t they? Paris has built a two-story mini mansion for her dogs, complete with a tiled roof, balcony, swimming pool, air conditioning and heating. The entire house is 12-feet high.  


And then there are the exotic pets.

Paris Hilton pets - BookMyShow

The heiress has opened her home to more than just dogs. Paris has also adopted a pig called Princess Pigelette, a pony called Lady Coco Chanel, an African parrot named Hank, and a glider called Brigitte Bardot. She also owns a number of cats and ferrets.


Happy birthday, Paris Hilton. Thank you for giving us heiress goals!