Verdict: Party presents a thought-provoking subject in a youthful wrapper.

Ever since the playful posters of Sachin Dharekar’s Party were released, the movie has been in the news. It has managed to generate curiosity and excitement in equal parts and finally when one ends up watching the film in the theatre, it does not disappoint. Party, is a thought-provoking new-age drama with a message that both the youth and parents of today will easily relate to. Wrapped with humorous content and witty dialogues, Party, although a message-driven drama, does not feel unlikable or flat.

What Is Party About

Party is a film about four carefree friends who believe in living lives to the fullest despite the difficulties. Amidst the stress and tension of money, family and careers, these friends like celebrating their small but special moment together. Unfortunately, drinking is the only “party” that they can afford. The movie goes on to trace the lives of these four friends and how their lives take a turn for the worse because of drinking, clubbed with the tensions of growing up.

What Works

The fact that most of the film is inspired by real-life incidents, makes it relatable and worth a watch. The movie also feels real and the viewer will realize that a lot of the scenes depicted in the movie have definitely happened in their life too. Although hard-hitting and socially relevant, Party as a film is not preachy and this adds to the reasons why the audience will love it. This Sachin Darekar’s debut directorial also stars Suvrat Joshi and Prajakta Mali along with a bevy of other talented artists who all do justice to their roles and manage to create a strong screen presence. The movie has an old-school heart and a modern outlook- this contrast works very well and it manages to create irreplaceable nostalgia among the viewers.

What Could Have Been Better

At 2 hours and 45 minutes, the movie feels stretched and a tad melodramatic in certain scenes. However, in spite of the sluggish second half, Party manages to pick pace just where it drops and hence manages to do the job that it had set out to do.

Why You Should Watch

Watch Party to experience the long-lost emotions of unbreakable friendship and love. Watch it for a great directorial debut of a writer who is known to subtly sew messages in all his scripts. Watch it because it is entertaining and yet message-driven and finally, watch it because it will leave you with a cautious thought that will be with you every time you head out to party.