An epitome of magnanimity, his name carries enough weight to define Bollywood. He brought upon a revolution in 70s and 80s with his films that lead to a fan following which adheres even today. A stand he took against the villains and roared in a deep baritone voice got him the stature of “an angry young man” and an International filmmaker also hailed him as “a one-man industry”. So lustrous is his presence that his aura will definitely awe the audience despite of the presence being merely on a celluloid. Mr. Bachchan does that, has done it and continues to do it- being an inspiration for the youth of the day. His charm still retains the essence of being an angry young man.

Although it is difficult to zero down on his best performances, here are a few:

The Dashing Cop

The character of Inspector Vijay Khanna who rumbles, “Jab tak baithne ko kaha na jaye khade raho”, shows a fearless stance of an honest young man who has dedicated his life to one aim – annihilating crime from the city. Zanjeer was a breakthrough not only for AB but was a start of a long lasting collaboration and friendship between Prakash Mehra and Bachchan. Thereafter, the tag of angry young man stuck with Bachchan forever and what came later was the evolution of this angry young man!

The Silent Lover

Christened as Vijay of Bollywood, Bachchan soon made the name Jai synonymous for himself. A man of few words Jai falls for Radha, a widow, but lives for his partner-in-crime Veeru. Jai and Veeru became symbolic for friendship (they still retain the chemistry) where while fighting against the evil “daaku”, Gabbar Singh, Jay dies in the arms of his friend Veeru, making this character one of his monumental performances.

The Raspy-Voiced Gangsta

Vijay Dinanath Chauhan … poora naam”, an epic dialogue, from the film Agneepath, in which the actor pulls up an uber gangster style and a raspy, drawling voice. The acting and conviction is what made the character and the film immortal. Mandwa became famous overnight as it was Bachchan who had brought it afore and the climax left everyone teary eyed.

The Banaras Ka Bhaiya

When “chora ganga kinare wala” become the “Banaras ka bhaiya” Dadabhai, that was only because the mission to save the nation demanded that. Bachchan played a role of Colonel Sodhi, who when discovers that government is hands-in-glove with the terrorist groups, stages his own death, starts living a life of Dadabhai with a mission aforementioned. The actors shows his ability for humor simultaneously instigating patriotism with his power packed performance as an army officer.

The Helpless Father

It is often repeated phrase – “family comes first”, but it is the tragedy and drama that Bachchan puts up in the film Viruddh of that of a helpless father which makes the phrase comes true. A father, who has lost his son to a cheap ploy of a bureaucrat’s son, vows to avenge the death of his son you see the flicker of angry young man still alive in a 60 year old body. Bachchan’s proficiency is what keeps the audience on the edge of their seats till the very end.

The Undaunted Teacher

Following his principles, the character of Professor Prabhakar Anand turns out to be that of an ethical and undaunted teacher. He, who believes that there is no caste in blood, stands up for the race of humanity and against socio-culturally dividing armament called caste system, while imparting education. Adhering to constitutional methods, Prabhakar Anand brings his enemies on their knees and wins over the faith of the masses. Moreover, the character strengthens the belief in humanity which makes it a silent slap by this angry young man.

But angry young man doesn’t stop at this. He strikes back, this time around unleashing the anger of the aam aadmi against the demons of corruption that are eating up the morals of democracy and crushing the junta. A fight against injustice, Satyagraha, releases on 30th August.

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