Ever since US forces eliminated Osama Bin Laden in his hideout in Pakistan, the one question that has been on the minds of every nationalistic Indian is “Why can’t we do the same to the people responsible for 26/11?” Phantom explores the scenario in which the Indian government chooses to do just this.

Four men are identified as holding the responsibility for terror attacks in India, Hariz Saeed, chief amongst them, and Saif Ali Khan is chosen as the man to do the honours. Fresh from Chicago State Penitentiary, Saif’s character – Daniyal Khan is pegged as the only man crazy enough to take the job. But does he manage to complete it? A dialogue in the trailer hints that he doesn’t. And how does Katrina Kaif’s character fit into the scheme of things? Is she a double agent – a common thriller trope? Or is she there for aesthetic relief in Lebanon’s rugged landscape? The trailer leaves us with these questions and more.

This is a film that will have people flocking to watch it for more than just Saif, Kaif and the submarine (yes, there is one seen in the trailer). Kabir Khan’s fan following will have only grown after Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and everybody would be keen to see his take on a revenge story, so soon after his unique perspective on cross-border friendship.

Till August 28th, viewers will just have to make do with the trailer.