Ever since the announcement of Phillauri, Diljit Dosanjh’s second outing in Bollywood, the audience has not stopped talking about the film. Phillauri, which released today, managed to generate much hype and hoopla largely because of the catchy promos – which assure of a different kind of a love story and also because of the magnetic presence of Diljit Dosanjh. The smartest move Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma (producers of Phillauri) made was casting the multi-talented Diljit as Phillauri. The role seems apt for him and once you walk out of the theatre, you cannot imagine anyone else but Diljit enacting the role of an intense, pure, selfless and heart-wrenching lover with such aplomb. This is also the first time he is paired opposite Anushka Sharma, an actor par excellence. The vintage love story set in the early 1900’s is high on emotional quotient. The viewer gets instantly hooked onto the screen once their journey starts and the subsequent turbulence in their love story. One can feel the agony and desolation their characters are going through. The fact that it makes the spectators' hearts flutter and bleed, clearly demonstrates their competence as artistes.

Phillauri, Diljit Dosanjh - BookMyShow

Phillauri prides itself with a complex plot and the intricate drama offers abundant scope to Diljit and Anushka to display the histrionics. Diljit gets to sink his teeth into this challenging character and he is simply amazing, more so towards the demanding moments in the second half. Furthermore, the chemistry between Diljit and Anushka is incredible, which also proves yet again that the right casting can work wonders.

Phillauri, Diljit Dosanjh - BookMyShow

The turbaned superstar from Punjab had already announced himself as an actor of caliber in Udta Punjab. And Phillauri is going to solidify his image. He got a meaty role and he managed to impress one and all. The Punjabi film audience has already seen him play the charming, adorable, cute lovey-dovey roles in the numerous rom-coms he has done in the past. This is the first time he is essaying the role of an intense lover, which pleasantly surprises his fans. He brings purity into his character and emotes through his deep eyes. He wonderfully portrays his character’s transition in the movie. He is, without any doubt, an archetypal Hindi film hero who would be accepted by top production houses of Bollywood.

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– Gurlove Singh