The first look, and you knew this was something you had seen before, heard before… a perfect feeling of Déjà vu. Planes is one such film. The same old same old, underdog becomes superstar story. While this new Disney presentation has nothing new to offer, there are a few points that are likely to touch your heart. This also is a film that will perhaps only appeal to the younger audience. There are bright & vivid colors, talking planes, talking cars and more. “From above the world of cars” is what the film’s tag-line read… unfortunately this seemed more like a film completely piggybacking on the success of Lightning McQueen and (Tow) Mater starrer, Cars

For the Indian audience especially, there is something that’ll interest them a lot more – Priyanka Chopra who lends her voice to a plane called Ishani, who (obviously) hails from India, and well, Dusty, our crop-hopper underdog falls in love with her at first sight. Why the seductive style of speaking though, one doesn’t know. An inexplicable fact however, is the Sitar tune that starts playing everytime there’s a reference to India. There isn’t anything deprecating about that, still, there’s more to the Indian Subcontinent than sitars and elephants and snakes. Ishani and Dusty’s ‘date’ to the Taj Mahal (in Agra) was quite funny, especially with A.R. Rahman’s famous song from Abhishek BachchanAishwarya Rai starrer, Guru that was used as a part of the romantic theme. What stands out through everything are the amazing visuals, great work with the animation throughout the film, the 3D won’t tire you come what may!
This film that lasts about 92 minutes is fun to watch without any strings attached, of the previous films based on a similar topic, I mean. There are friends back home to constantly boost your morale, and there’s one friend you always find even when competing in a life-changing situation. Very witty dialogues as well, British satire included all the same. Like Sheriff in Cars, there’s a war-veteran plane here called Skipper who coaches Dusty for this aerial race. Nonetheless, the film which drives home the point constantly that one must only follow his heart, follow his dreams, has ample quality animation which earns the points for it. 
Turbo, a Dreamworks’ animation, that released a month back, was based the same theme. The only place it seems to gain over Planes is its month of release. There was something different that could’ve been done with regards to the storyboard, this seemed to be playing too safe, even so many meters above ground level. Not boring, not extraordinary, perfectly average is what this could be termed as.

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