CGI is used in so many movies that to make realistic special effects now, we can't imagine a time before it. But make-up, costumes, and practical effects have been used for years before computers came along. Horror movies featured plenty of scary monsters in movies that would give us nightmares for days after we watched them. They set the standard for monsters that CGI later came and perfected. These were some of the scariest movie monsters before CGI came along, which still have the capacity to gross you out, if not outright scare you. 


Perhaps the greatest horror film set at Christmas, the gremlins were creatures that would turn nasty if fed after midnight. Gremlins were first going to be monkeys wearing fake heads, but that was quickly abandoned and puppets were used instead, each of which cost USD 30,000 to make. 

The Fly

Jeff Goldblum played the scientist, Seth, whose DNA gets combined with a fly. He initially gains super-strength and other perks of being genetically enhanced, but eventually, he becomes more and more fly-like as the movie progresses, giving us this terrifying scene. 

The Thing 

John Carpenter's masterpiece, The Thing, is one of the best creature feature movies ever made. The Thing was a parasitic alien that absorbs creatures and takes their form. The creature was designed by Rob Bottin and for 1982 standards, The Thing was groundbreaking. It might not look realistic now, but it doesn't make it any less uncomfortable to watch. 


More of extraterrestrial goodness, the first Predator film starred Kevin Peter Hall as the technologically-advanced alien pitted against Arnold Schwarzenegger. While Arnold was more confused than afraid, the audiences definitely found the creature scary. It led to the creation of the Predator franchise, and also a crossover movie with Alien – Alien vs. Predator


The titular alien in Alien was perhaps the scariest extraterrestrials we have seen. Also known as xenomorphs, this movie was an anatomy lesson in the life cycle of this Alien. Director Ridley Scott's franchise has since been upgraded with CGI, but this monster has been scaring us for years. 

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