Now this one’s an action crime thriller set in the 1970’s about two goons who live on the wrong side of the law, becoming gun carriers and coal bandits.

The promos and songs have already the trick. But the big questions is – will director Ali Abbas Zafar be able to live up to the hype and the high expectations surrounding the film ?.

Our in-house expert and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of this Yashraj Films production: 

“The title ‘GUNDAY’ adds up to Number 20 – this octave of Number 2 (Moon) is not a material number but a spiritual one. Consequently it’s potential in worldly success is doubtful. If used in relation to future events, it denotes delays, hindrances to one’s plans, which can only be conquered through development of the spiritual side of one’s nature” explains Bhavikk.   

“But wait !!!! (he continues without a pause)….

….before jumping to conclusions, right from the first trailer of the film, it is clearly indicative that the film is all about the celebration of love, brotherhood and the bonding shared between Bikram and Bala (the lead protagonists) and the whole film is defined by it and that’s nothing less than a ‘spiritual’ connection. Hence the film would click big time with cine-goers of all age groups across the board” he adds.

“In any case, the year 2014 which adds up to Number 7 (Ketu) has a direct link with Number 2 (Moon) and the title vibration (20) goes perfectly in sync with that” he adds further.

“But most importantly, our ‘gundays’ Ranveer Singh (6th July 1985) and Arjun Kapoor (26th June 1985) are both Cancerians (ruler Moon and Ketu – Numbers 2 and 7) by their sun-signs and no prizes for guessing their chemistry will come in for much praise and appreciation from all quarters”.

“If that wasn’t enough, their common love interest Priyanka Chopra (18th July 1982) is also a Cancerian and even her performance will be well received”.

“Joining the trio will be Irrfan Khan (7th January 1967) who too fits in to this bracket directly”.

“Last but not the least, producer Aditya Chopra (21st May 1971) in his 43rd (7) year is passing through his best times and eventually the film will turn out to be a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone involved with this project” signs off Bhavikk on a positive note.

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