Now this one’s a romantic comedy starring the real life couple Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai.

Will writer Devika Bhagat be able to make a smooth transition in her debut (from writing to direction) which also marks Abhay’s foray as a co-producer ?.
Our in-house expert and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of this Viacom 18 Motion Pictures venture:  
“The title ‘ONE BY TWO’ adds up to Number 37 – this octave of Number 1 (Sun) has a distinct potency of its own. It is a number of fortunate friendships in love and in combinations connected with the opposite sex. It is also good for partnerships of all kinds. It is a positive indication if it appears in connection with future events” explains Bhavikk.  
“As per the numerological meaning derived, it seems the film will be liked by its target audience (read mainly multiplexes) of big cities/towns” predicts Bhavikk.
“In any case, the year 2014 which adds up to Number 7 (Ketu) is likely to prove lucky for most Number 1, 2, 4 and 7 people, places, dates, names etc. and the film’s release date – 31st January (4) along with the title vibration (37) will only work in its favour” he adds.
“But alas !!!! (he continues without a pause)….
.…the fate of most films relies heavily on the ‘stars’ (read luck) of its leading man and Abhay Deol’s (15th March 1976) fortune’s in his 38th year are not looking bright and hence that shall dim the prospects of the film at the box office” he adds further.
“On the other side, Preeti Desai’s (29th September 1984) work will be appreciated as she is primarily ruled by Number 2 (Moon). Since she is ruled by Number 2, she is automatically ruled by Number 7 (Ketu) as these two numbers always go hand in hand”. 
“To cut a long story short, with Abhay’s personal ‘timing’ not in great shape in the current period, the chances of this otherwise not-so-‘pakao’ film will be divided ‘one by two’ (pun intended)” signs off Bhavikk on a clear note.

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