Earlier titled as ‘Rambo Rajkumar’, this one’s an action film helmed by none other than the man of the moment – Prabhudheva.

Going through his best times, will director Prabhudheva be able to revive the career of Shahid Kapoor with this film which is touted as his last chance to regain his (somewhat) lost stardom ?.

Our in-house expert and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of this Eros International production:  

“The title ‘R… RAJKUMAR’ is adding up to Number 21 – this octave of Number 3 (Jupiter) is symbolized by the picture of ‘the universe’, also called ‘the crown of the Magi’. It is a number of advancement, honors, elevation in life and general success. It means victory, but gained only after long initiation and tests of determination. It is a fortunate number of promises if it appears in connection with future events however; one must be prepared for the long fight” explains Bhavikk. 

“As per the numerological meaning derived, it seems the film will ‘click’ with its target audience who like watching masala entertainers with doses of action, comedy and peppy songs thrown in”, predicts Bhavikk.

“Also, the release date of the film – 6th December 2013 is a day primarily ruled by Number 6 (Venus) – the planet of love, sex, harmony, peace etc. and hence the love angle in the story between Shahid and Sonakshi would also work with the youth”.

“As for their performances, Shahid Kapoor (25th February 1981) is running in his 33rd year and the release date (6th) goes in sync with his age. Plus, he is a Piscean (ruler Jupiter – Number 3) which vibrates with the film title (21)”.

“No prizes for guessing it will be Shahid’s show all the way and he would strike with a vengeance and will finally be back in the reckoning with this film”, he adds.

“While in the case of Sonakshi Sinha (2nd June 1987) her ‘destiny’ number adds up to Number 6 (Venus) which once again merges with the release date. Not only will her performance be appreciated, she will prove to be a lucky mascot for the project too like always”.

“On the other side, the current year 2013 which is adding up to Number 6 (Venus) has proved beneficial for most Number 3, 6, 8 and 9 people and the film’s villain Sonu Sood (30th July 1973) and star director Prabhudheva (3rd April 1973) both fall in to this bracket directly” he adds further.

“While Sonu will do a sincere and an earnest job as usual, Prabhudheva will add yet another hit film in his kitty”.

“In short, this ‘rajkumar’ will rule your hearts and the box office battle as well” ends Bhavikk on a positive note. 

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