This one’s a story of a cop, a housewife and a prostitute whose lives get entangled in mysterious and unexpected ways.

Will this suspense thriller keep the audiences glued to their seats ?.

Our in-house expert and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of this Reema Kagti venture: 

“The title ‘TALAASH’ is adding up to Number 18 – this octave of Number 9 is a symbol of materialism striving to destroy the spiritual side of the nature. It generally associates a person with bitter quarrels, even family ones, also with war, social upheavals, revolution and in some cases it indicates making money and position through wars. It is however, a warning of treachery, deception by others, also danger from natural events such as storms, losses from water, fires and explosions. All in all – not a lucky number. Caution and great care is recommended while using this number in relation to future events” explains Bhavikk.

“Going by its numerological interpretation and the meaning derived, it seems apt for a film of this genre which has an intriguing plot to keep the viewers engaged in the drama throughout – right till the end. So, in that case, this one will prove to be a ‘winner’ all the way” predicts Bhavikk.

He continues “Being headed by none other than Aamir Khan, he is going through a great phase in his 47th year as his ‘destiny’ number also adds up to Number 2 (Moon – 14th March 1965). More so, the year 2012 which adds up Number 5 has proved lucky for Number 5 (Mercury) and Number 8 (Saturn) people, places, dates etc. and in this case Aamir fits the bill just perfectly”.

 “No prizes for guessing a strong, riveting performance from him as usual and also an earnest effort as a co-producer as well” he adds.

“After much postponement, the release date of the film is finally scheduled for 30th November 2012 which is a day primarily ruled by Number 3 (Jupiter) and both the female leads – Kareena Kapoor (21st September 1980) and Rani Mukerji (21st March 1978) are directly Number 3 born. Plus, they being in their 32nd (Kareena is also a Virgo ruled by Number 5) and 35th year respectively will make it very lucky for them and that will rub off on the film too”.

“Last but not the least, one of the producers Farhan Akhtar (9th January 1974) is a Capricorn (ruler Saturn) and that means the ‘stars’ (read good luck) of the stars of ‘Talaash’ are in great form to make a sure shot ‘hit’ at the box office” ends Bhavikk on a positive note before signing off.

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