Preferably Blue is an intriguing film by Alan Dickson. The film is nothing what you’re used to watching during the holidays.

Our main character is the Easter Bunny, who finds himself popping pills and downing them with vodka. The self-deprecating rabbit loathes the festive time, and detests Santa. He hatches a plan to steal the spotlight by killing Santa. Yukfoo, the production house involved in making the short film, has done a 360 degree on the imagery of Santa and the Easter Bunny. The bunny sports a beer-belly and an almost loathsome, morose vibe. And, the Santa is not the jolly fellow you’re used to either, he resembles a Harley-riding tattoo-sporting guy.   

The 13-minute long short film, plays on the blue feeling that surrounds people during the festive season. With the imagery of a bunny, who is a little bit us, Preferably Blue shows us how we can avoid the festive blues. The film does an interesting job and manages to entertain us. The rhyming couplet narrative adds the twisty feel that our scrawny rabbit emanates throughout the film, and it somewhere adds to the charm of the film. The end of the film is a bit of a let down, and the story ends on a rather abrupt note. Over all, the animated short makes for an enrapturing watch.

Watch the film here and tell us what you think!

Happy Easter!