Review: Speeding through the busy streets of Manhattan is a daily chore for Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). He delivers packages across the city, expertly riding his bicycle, laws no bar. There is an underlying tension of the urban life throughout this well-told story directed by David Koepp (Jurassic Park) that will keep you on the edge of your seat while you see Wilee going about his work. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been seen a couple of times this year in meaty roles – from The Dark Knight Rises to Looper (that released last week) – a complete treat for a true fan. Premium Rush isn’t just a crazy mayhem of cars & motorcycles with Wilee winding through the streets on his bicycle. More than once you will also notice the biker’s perspective when he analyzes the ‘potential accident’ route and how he finds alternatives for the same so he can avoid hitting a baby’s pram or a pedestrian.

While Premium Rush will majorly appeal to teenage boys, here is something no one will get bored of. Giving close competition to Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Michael Shannon who plays an inquisitive cop. His quest for a certain group of people leads him in a cat and mouse chase through the city trying to nab an unsuspecting Wilee. The teamwork and the coordination we get to see is spectacular, like a flash mob on a bicycle. Like I mentioned prior, the objective of the film is pretty simple, it is trying to highlight the noble intent of a bicycle messenger for whom time counts a little more than money does. The quicker you are with the delivery, the more money you are paid. Most of all, at various points you will find yourself wanting to go and carry out the daunting task yourself (especially if there is an ulterior motive one gets out of it – that of losing weight or keeping fit).

Go watch this film if you believe Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes you blush, or if living in the fast lane is your way of life. The film will not totally help you loosen up on the weekend, but will definitely give you more than a reason to smile about once the film is over. 

Verdict: Life in the fast lane, and a bicycle as an aid. Premium Rush is an engaging film to watch. 

Movie Details:

Director: David Koepp

Cast: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Michael Shannon

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Running Time: 1 hr 31 mins

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