Time changes, so does the technology and so does the cinema. With the advancement in film techniques and equipments, films have entered in a whole new phase and technical expertise has become an indispensable part of it . The inclusion of 3D in the elements of film language is fastly becoming a standardized norm and Indian movies seems to have caught up on the trend in its own way . The trend of 3D movies first started in America and from there, the phenomenon spread worldwide. Naturally, India is also catching up fast with embracing the 3D technology and few successful films are produced here which we were made in 3D. It is a hopeful sign as 3D accounts for the future of movies and if films have to survive, it is better that they soon get familiar with this new technology. World’s most renowned filmmakers have switched to digital filmmaking and have embraced 3D in enthusiastic manner. While 3D is the word right now , let us look at those few movies which were made in 3D in India.

– Chota Chetan: Made in 1984, Chota Chetan is India’s first 3D film. It was adapted from Tamil film My dear Kuttichattam, Chota Chetan was hugely successfull at box office when it was released . Story of a magician who tries to catch a young boy named Chetan , this is an interesting story told for the first time in 3D in India.

 Bhoot Returns: The sequel to Ram Gopal Verma‘s Bhoot, this film was made in 3D with the intention to maximize the horror of the film. Bhoot Returns did not do well at box office compared to Bhoot and got mixed to negative response when it was released . The story did not offer something new and original , although Bhoot Returns managed to produce few chills and some scenes in the film were really scary!

 Raaz 3D: Raaz 3D is a Bollywood horror film directed by Vikram Bhatt and third one in the Raaz trilogy. Now this is a film which can be truly called as a successful film as it did extremely good business and was officially labelled a major commercial success . It is also the highest grossing Raaz movie of the Raaz trilogy and highest grossing horror film in India. The story of an actress who gets jealous when a new entrant snatches away the spotlight from her , the film was instantly liked by the Indian audience and is termed as a 3D blockbuster in India.

Haunted 3D: This film is India’s first sterioscopic 3D horror film. Directed by Vikram Bhatt who is now referred as the master of horror in India, this film went on to become a surprise hit at box office inspite of not having a major star in the movie. A story well told, it was also skilfully directed in 3D format, thanks to its director Vikram Bhatt. Made on a modest budget, Haunted 3D went on to do huge business on box office and confirmed the presence of 3D in India in a major way.

Ra.One: Among the most expensive films made in India, Ra.One is considered to be technological breakthrough in India. A science fiction superhero film starring Shahrukh Khan, Ra.One created huge buzz among the audience on its anticipated release. The film boasts of high end 3D conversion and world class visual effects. Also this movie had one of the most elaborate marketing campaign in Indian cinema.

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