Psychopaths Who Will Live Forever

Psychopaths aren’t easily discernible. They may seem perfectly normal on the outside but inside them dwells this horrible monster that lacks empathy and remorse.This monster can kill and torture any being to any extent. Their modus operandi may differ from each other but they are all always successful in arousing fear in their victims. Hollywood has conceived many psychopaths who have successfully frightened millions. They come from varying walks of life but they have a common agenda- extracting pleasure from savagery. They are classy, intriguing, realistic, cold-blooded and make you wonder how such evil people exist in the real world. We give you our pick of the scariest psychopaths from Hollywood.
Hannibal Lecter
A person who never forgets, is the one to be feared the most.
His name makes you shudder. It is associated with all things macabre. Regarded as one of the most cold-blooded psychopaths in cinematic history, this brilliantly conceived character has been essayed by quite a few actors but has been immortalized by the legendary Anthony Hopkins. Hannibal Lecter fits the psychopath profile seamlessly. His intelligence and erudition cannot be questioned. He is a linguist, has an eidetic memory and exquisite taste in art, music and food. Now, let’s get to the gruesome part. Lecter is a dreaded cannibal and serial killer. He is the embodiment of a paradox. A psychiatrist cum serial killer, he helps the FBI in solving a case involving another serial killer. He is completely devoid of remorse and humanity.
Paul and Peter (Funny Games)
When the game is about whether you’ll be alive the next morning, it’s actually not so funny.
They are clumsy- they keep dropping eggs. They like playing games. They are sticklers for rules. Only, their games are sadistic and will terrorize you. Paul and Peter are the neighbours of George and Ann Farber who have recently moved into their lake house. They work as a team and are equally morbid. If you need company, they are certainly not your best option, unless of course, you feel pleasure when someone is tortured.
David Harris (The Stepfather)
If there’s a nagging feeling telling you to not trust your stepfather, don’t.
David Harris has an idyllic life- a loving wife, kids, and the perfect house. There’s just one teeny abnormality. He is a serial killer on the loose and this isn’t his first family. He is smart but wary; he is brutal and sometimes exceptionally sweet. He doesn’t mind killing an old woman because she alerts his wife about the truth. He doesn’t mind killing his wife’s ex-husband and her sister because they discover the scary truth. What he does mind is being discovered, and anyone making an effort to out him is eliminated instantly.
Norman Bates (Psycho)
Norman Bates has had an interesting past. A past that will make you shudder. He had murdered his mother and her lover out of spite as a boy, and preserved her body. He now has dissociative identity disorder and his alternate personality is no other than his mother Norma Bates. He has imaginary fights and arguments with his dead mother until he completely assumes the personality of Norma Bates- a person who is not repentant about killing anyone.
Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)
Sophistication is a mask for him. And the person behind that mask is the ugliest person you will ever see.
He makes the ladies go week in the knees. He has this enigmatic charm that draws people to him. He is wealthy, sophisticated, influential and charismatic. But there is more to him than meets the eye. He doubles up as a psychopath who ruthlessly kills people in the most gory manner when he wants to, and gets away with it. Luck consistently favors him and the one time that he tries to confess, he is conveniently misinterpreted.