Drug use in films has become a thing of the past. Nobody really bats an eyelid anymore when someone’s snorting cocaine on-screen. However, when our favorite stars do it off-screen to get the desired results on-screen, that is a completely different story. There are plenty of stoner comedies out there, but these guys took method acting to a new level. They actually got stoned, and gave us some of the best and most memorable scenes. They say a friend with weed is a friend indeed. If that’s true, then we’d like to be friends with these folks. Here’s a few actors who hit the pipe, quite literally!

Kevin Nealon and Justin Kirk – Weeds

The show name explains it all. When you have a title that is a synonym for marijuana, you know the actors are getting stoned. However, Nealon and Kirk didn’t smoke regular weed. They smoked some herbal tobacco, and according to them, they got higher than they would have with regular marijuana.

Seth Rogen – Zack and Miri Make A Porno

Anyone who knows Seth Rogen also knows that the man loves his weed. For crying out loud, he’s a part of NORML. In fact, Rogen’s love for grass is so inspiring that even his director, Kevin Smith, actually started hitting the pipe after shooting wrapped up.

Jack Nicholson – Easy Rider

Jack Nicholson and substance abuse go hand-in-hand. His role in Easy Rider was legendary for two reasons. One, he absolutely smashed it as an actor, and two, he was higher than Snoop Dogg for the entire schedule, and that’s saying something.

Dan Aykroyd – The Blues Brothers

While on the sets of The Blues Brothers, Dan worked closely with John Belushi, known more for his drug habit than his comedic genius. And boy, did they get high! In fact, the film actually had a budget for cocaine. Because brothers who snort together, stay together, right?

Carrie Fisher – The Empire Strikes Back

While filming the Empire scenes on Planet Hoth, Carrie Fisher went off-set to snort some good, old coke. It doesn’t come as a surprise that she later satirized her drug problem in her book Postcards from the Edge.

420 blaze it, anyone?