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Great Sardaar is Not a Usual Punjabi Flick

One of the biggest Punjabi movies of the year, Great Sardaar will hit the silver screen this Friday. The film featuring the veteran Yograj Singh and singer turned actor Dilpreet Dhillon had been the talk of the town right from the time it was announced. So, the news of the film’s trailer going viral was not at all surprising for us. But what blew our mind was the ravening avatar of Yograj Singh and Dilpreet’s mannerisms which was far better than his debut in Once Upon Time in Amritsar. The trailer had made one thing very clear that this one will stir deep in our heart as the film shows the atrocities suffered by each household of Punjab during the 1984 riots. As the film releases tomorrow, we give you three reasons why the film is not a usual Punjabi flick that tickles our funny bones.

The Storyline

The story of the film takes us back to the past when Punjab was invaded by external forces like Mughals and Britishers. The film very briefly throws light on how these invasions have ruined the state’s political, cultural and economic fabric. Majorly the film shows the incidents of 1984 riots. The Operation Blue Star and its aftereffect are the most barbaric ones that ever happened in the history of India.

The Cast

The film has none other than Yograj Singh portraying the character of ‘Great Sardaar’. And if you have seen the trailer, you would agree with us that no one else would have played the role this effortlessly. The film is very important for Dilpreet Dhillon as his debut film was a disaster. The film might give a much-needed mileage and would help his acting career take off well. The other cast includes Nirmal Rishi, Ashish Duggal, Teji Sandhu, Prakash Gadhu and Dheeraj Kumar.

The Music

The music has been composed by Jaggi Singh, B-Trix and Desi Crew. The song Buhaa rendered by Prabh Gill is an emotional song and perfectly carries the theme of the film. The other song which has become a rage among the Punjabis is Kaal.

Don’t forget to watch this space tomorrow for the Great Sardaar review. Meanwhile, tell us in the comment section which song of the film has touched you emotionally.